Prevention of gender based violence in partnership relations of youth


Within the project “Prevention of gender based violence in partnership relations of youth”, which has being implemented by the Association of Women “Derventa” and supported by IN Fundation, we held seminars in hotel “Biser” in Derventa for students and supervisors from high schools from Derventa and Prnjavor.

Participants have had the opportunity to learn about different kinds on violence, their causes, and especially about violence in partnership relations of youth. Trainers have enabled students to identify, approach, listen, talk and motivate their peers in community who have got troubles in their partnership relations, to seek help for overcoming this problem at their parents and peers and expertise help in schools and communities if it is necessary.

Seminar participants were actively involved in the work and emphasized that they are glad for being informed and educated in a right way about this problem and possibilities to overcome it. They thanked to Association of Women “Derventa” for starting the activities on this subject and gave them the opportunity to have open discussion about problems and ways of prevention of violence in partnership relations of youth. By their words, this was a tabu so far among young people, in their families and in entire community. They promissed they will transfer their knowledge and experiences to their peers in order to reduce violence among youth.

They have gladly included in designing of work material which will be shared by volunteers of the Association of Women “Derventa” in Prnjavor and Derventa within campaign “16 Days of Women’s Activism in Fight Against Violence”.

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