Conference in project „Stop the silence about gender based violence“

Project  „Stop the silence about gender based violence“, which is supported by the EWI, has been implementing in two urban and eight rural local communities in period from April 1st to November 30th 2017.  The last project activity ends with campaign within 16 days of women activism in fight against violence on women by sharing commercial material in local community. The aim of the project is to empower women who have leader potential to gain knowledge and skills to work efficiently in their comminities on prevention of gender based violence and measures of protection, as well as protection of women human rights, establishment of healthy society in which every person fulfill their emotional and creative potentials and make healthy and successful relations within a family and community with conscious help of women organizations and institutions which work synergistically in purpose of general wealth.  Within the project „Stop the silence about gender based violence“, Association of omen „Derventa“ held the conference on November 23rd, with participation of women leaders from local communities, represenatives of relevant institutions who fight against violence, Municipal commission for gender equality, representatives of women organizations from BiH. Importance of this meeting was to emphasize the mutual work against all forms of violence.

Participants of the conference had the opportunity to exchange experiences and to emphasize the importance of such work and education, to get better information about the role of the safety houses when it’s about victims of violence and their children. They had objections about consistent implementatio of the Law on domestic violence, especially when it’s about the question of protection measures and removing the bully from the house. All participants agreed that only economically empowered woman can fight for her rights. One of conclusions was to make collectives for economical empowerment of women in fight against violence, as well as dissolution and retraining of women for more successful employment. Participants suggested that this kind of education should be implemented in all local communities, but also to organize other educations, for example in culture, sport etc. There is a message which has been sent from this meeting and it is that both women and men should join in fight against all forms of violence.