About us


Humanization of gender relations



–           Conducting activities to eliminate discrimination of women to ensure equal rights of women and men

–           Monitoring the status of women and implementation of their rights guaranteed in accordance with the laws

–           The promotion of principles of gender equality

–           An educational and publishing activities of the Association in the fields relevant for work of the Association

–           Organizing workshops, seminars, trainings, tribunes and roundtables in collaboration with relevant institutions and NGOs in the local community and beyond

–           Initiation of cooperation with authorities, organizations, government institutions and NGOs in the local community and beyond

–           Promoting the need for education in health care and family planning in public

–           Education in the field of women’s education in accordance with economic and social reforms


When and how it was formed:          

Women’s Association “Derventa” was established at the founding meeting held at February 25, 2005 by a group of women who wished to affect with organized activities and operations on the achievement of gender equality in all sectors of society, on higher engagement for the empowerment of women, abolition of all forms of discrimination and realization of human rights, especially women’s. The association was registered at March 21, 2005 in the Basic Court in Doboj.


The main objectives and strategies for achieving those goals regarding the statute:

The main objectives according the Statute, the Association of Women “Derventa” exercises following amendments of the Conventions and the Laws on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination by gender, age, nationality and religion, promoting gender equality principles and working on the implementation of guaranteed human rights, providing technical assistance in protection of rights of women and youth; working  preventively and educationally through seminars, workshops, tribunes, roundtables, etc., in the fight against all forms of violence against women and children, social empowerment of women and health education of youth and women. Participates actively in the work of Municipal Commissions for Gender Equality, is involved in campaigns through thematic brochures, flyers, posters and other publicity materials.

It regularly publishes the Bulletin of the Association.


 Brief description of the organizational structure and decision-making structure:

Association of Women “Derventa” is non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organizations, and the work of its members is voluntary. The structure of the organization is determined by the Statute of the Association, which consists of:

–           Assembly of the Association of 15 members

–           President of the Assembly of the Association

–           President of the WA “Derventa”

–           Administrative Board of 5 members

–           Supervisory Board of 3 members

All decisions we made at the meetings of the Administrative Board and other organs of the Association and information about our activities are published in the media and the Bulletin of the WA “Derventa”. In the Association all women are equally involved in the implementation of activities or as beneficiaries.