Association of women „Derventa“ has started with implementation of project „Women’s activism in fight against violence“ which is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

The aim of the project is to strengthen women to actively participate in prevention of violence and in improvement of institutional respond in prevention and protection from violence. First workshop was held in National library „Branko Radičević“. There were 16 participants. Coordinator informed participants about activities in the project, goals and donor which supported this project. In conversation with participants about their expectations, they said that their priority was to gain knowledge about forms and types of violence, causes and measures for protection to strengthen and inform other citizens in their local communities about the significance of this problem. They are aware that it won’t be easy, especially in rural areas where there are still stereotypes and prejudices, especially shame, to admit domestic violence.

Project duration is five months, and participants are women from the local community. Our association has opted to work continuously in prevention of all forms of violence among the citizens of Derventa, from school children  to the oldest population of both sexes. Electronic and print media which cover our activities, help to sensitize citizens about this problem, their consequences and ways of prevention. In that way many people who care to suppress violence, start to actively work on it.

Subjects at the first workshops were: sex and gender, gender roles, gender stereotypes and prejudices, gender based violence and an interactive workshop „Women’s activism in prevention of gender based violence in local communities“. Participants have got work material, refreshment and in the end they filled evaluation sheet which will help in elaboration of narrative report.