Prevention in fight against trafficking in people

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„Prevention in fight against trafficking in people” is the title of the project conducted by the Association of Women „Derventa” and supported by the USAID within the Program of support to marginalized groups (USAID/PPMG).  The main goal of the project is to teach young people how to recognize the trafficking, how to protect themselves and people who are close to them and who to address for help. Project activities will be conducted through the educations of students of nineth grades in municipalities: Derventa, Brod, Prnjavor and Doboj.

Project also included education of members of Students’ council of highschools in Derventa about trafficking in people who will form the Facebook group by the name „Open your eyes” after the education.

Association of Women „Derventa” has been working on prevention of trafficking in people among youth for eleven years. We think it is important and necessary to educate young people continuously, and to inform public about trafficking in people, sexual and any other exploitation of men and women, to work on raising awareness and point on fact that it’s not happening somewhere else, but it is our reality. Prove to that is the indicator of bigger number of local victims. Information is the best way of prevention, because uninformed persons are the most jeopardized.

Time planned for implementation of project activities is twelve months.