Association of Women „Derventa“, together with other members of the RING Network has actively engaged in campaign in occasion of December 2nd – International Day For the Abolition of Slavery.

In order to make fight against trafficking in people efficient, we should be informed to recognize this evil and what are the measures of protection. Association of Women „Derventa“, as well as other women organizations in BiH are carriers of activities in fight against one of the worst kinds of violation of human rights. A victim can be anybody; old, young, man, woman, rich and poor, from town and from village; in one word – any person that traffickers can reach. That is why it is so important to know to recognize potential danger and how to protect ourselves.

Such campaigns help us with that.


In organization of the Association of Women „Derventa“, two-day trip was organized for women from our municipality. Last weekend 46 women from town and village was on Zlatibor, and in return they visited Drvengrad. They continued towards Višegrad where they had te opportunity to see Andrić town and walk along the Bridge over Drina. Of course, taking pictures in front the monument and mural of our Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andrić, is a precious memory. Although it is the time of autumn works in fields, making food for winter and many other activities, women have found the possibility to take some time for them selves, which they spent beautiful, useful and happily and they already think about new destination.


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Association “Sunce” has initiated the humanitarian action for Eldar Jusić, five-year-old boy from Derventa who has a rare disease Fibrosis cystica. It’s a disease that jeopardizes the function of vital organs, mostly respiratory system, pancreas, kidneys and liver.

Eldar has been fighting with this hard disease for five years with immense care of parents, his doctors and older sister and now he needs help from his fellow citizensso he could get a necessary device which would ease his difficult health condition.

Association of women “Derventa” has joined the Association “Sunce” in humanitarian action for Eldar. During the traditional celebration of March 8th we collected 420,00 BAM and means were paid in on the account of Eldar’s parents. Our association wishes successful treatment and happier days to our little citizen.

DSC03662 (800x450)


Association of Women „Derventa“ has been working, for a long time, on prevention in fight against trafficking in people because it is necessary to work continuously on raising awareness of citizens about this evil. Victims of trafficking in people are men, women and children, no matter of race or nationality. Victims of trafficking in people didn’t willingly accept to be trafficked; they were cheated and forced on exploitation in purpose of beggary, work, sexual and every other exploitation. Victims are exposed to different kinds of violence and they have trauma for all life. Trafficking in people is dangerous criminal and a big profit for traffickers.

On December 2, the whole world celebrates as the day of fight against trafficking in people within the 16 days of women’s activism in fight against violence. Association of Women “Derventa”, as a member of Network of organizations for fight against trafficking in people from BiH RING, has organized campaign of commercial material in local community. In this way Association has involved in joint action “Let’s stop the trafficking in people”.

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18 October – European Day of Fight Against Trafficking in People

As a member of the RING Network, and with support of Ministry for Security BiH, our organization has included in celebration of European Day of Fight Against Trafficking in People. This year campaign “It’s 5 to 12, It’s time, Protect the beggars children” is directed on raising awareness of people and mobilization of citizens and institutions.

Association of Women “Derventa” has conducted campaign among citizens in local community and held the workshop for students of primary and high schools on subject “Prevention in fight against trafficking in people” from which we sent the message that people don’t have price and that the trafficking in people is dangerous criminal and violation of human rights.

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Association of Women “Derventa”, within the project “Motivation of women and girls for bigger participation in social and public life”, which is supported by Municipality Derventa, has implemented two workshops for young people. The aim of workshop is motivation of youth to participate more actively in future local elections. Observations and opinions of young girls, which they expressed during the workshops, are very interested.

They are mostly satisfied with information about preelection activities and represented candidates, but they think that it is necessary to do more on sensitization of women and youth to include actively in social and public life.

Answers on some questions are very interested: “What would you change in local community if you were elected for the councilor?” – the most answers were about employment of young people and women; expansion of kindergarten capacity, decoration of playgrounds, solution of problem of stray dogs and, which is very important, they emphasized necessity for bigger care for old people in our local community.

On October 2, they will go to the elections, most of them for the first time, and in that way they will fulfill their civic duty.

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Association of Women „Derventa“, within the project „Motivation of women for bigger participation in social and public life“, which is financially supported by Municipality Derventa, implemented the trip to Kozara and Banja Luka on August 30, 2016. It was another opportunity for women from urban and rural local communities to socialize, exchange experiences and, within the work part of the trip, to talk about necessity and importance of women’s participation in public and social life. One of the messages from the workshop was that women should go to elections, to suggest their candidates and to vote and in that way to include actively in creation of their future.

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Association of women „Derventa“ is a member of RING Network – BH network against trafficking in people made of BH NGOs which is active in fight against trafficking in people. We give our contribution to the work of the Network because we think that we can do a lot in fight against trafficking in people by joint actions.
Our member, Jovanka Popovic, as a representative of the Association, participated, within Support to work of RING Network, the three-day seminar in Brcko and the subject was Strategic planning.
At the seminar we determined aims of strategic plan and strategic fields, we defined mission and vision and made the plan of advocacy for further activities of the Network.
Members of the Network, with the joint actions and campaigns, raise the public awareness about trafficking in people and importance of inclusion of all people in BiH in fight against this evil.

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November 25th – International day for the elimination of violence against women

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Celebration of October 15th – International Day of Rural Women
Association of women “Derventa” together with Municipal commission for gender equality has organized a round table on October 15, 2015 within the celebration of International Day of Rural Women. Participants at this event were members of Women associations – representatives of rural women sections, commission for gender equality and municipal administration. It was an opportunity to sensitize the public about importance and contribution of rural women, but also to inform women about programs of support for rural women. We started the initiative for providing means for rural women after they turn 65. This activity was covered by media which contributed to better visibility of rural women.

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Celebration of October 18th – European Day of Fight Against Trafficking in People

As a member of RING Network and with support of the Ministry of security BiH, our organization has included in celebration of European day of fight against trafficking in people. This year campaign „Five to twelve, It’s time, Protect the children who beg“ is directed to raise awareness and to mobilize public and institutions.
Association of women has conducted campaign among citizens in local community and held the round table for representatives of institutions from which the message was sent that people have no price and that the misuse of children is a serious criminal and abuse of human rights.

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Activists of the IMIC – zajedno, Fadil Pelesic and Mirsad Haurdic, which has been engaged in humanitarian work for many years and collect donations from emigrants from Derventa in Austrlia and USA for their fellow citizens, have visited Association of women „Derventa“. On this occasion they brought us a present, a lap top, for the Association’s activities. This gesture made us very happy, especially for the reason it was arranged on 10th anneversary of our association. It was agreed that the cooperation of these two organizations will be continued, especially in humanitarian activities.

DSC01121 DSC01122


On invitation of Tourist organization Modrica Municipality, Association of women „Derventa“ together with representatives of Tourist organization Derventa Municipality attended manifestation „Gastro meetings Modrica 2015“ on April 17, 2015.

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Within celebration of March 8 – International Women’s Day, Association of Women „Derventa“ implemented the workshop „Prevention of gender based violence against girls“ for high school students. The workshop has got for an aim to meet girls, through lecture and workshop’s work, with causes of gender based violence and the ways of establishing good communication in friend and partner relations among youth.
In first part of the workshop girls had the opportunity to meet the terms of sex and gender, gender stereotypes and prejudices as well as the causes of gender based violence. In workshop work girls have stated their opinions and observations about relations among youth. They emphasized the importance of cherishing friendship no metter of sex, diversity in attitudes and they think that good communication and appreciation of others is the key for successful friendly and partner realtions.
Discussion was open and constructive so girls were satisfied with the work on workshop and expressed the willingness to include in work of the Association.

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Association of women „Derventa“ has participated in 9th Fair of trade and tourism. The fair has been maintaining within the 163rd Derventa Fair and lasts for three days. Promoter of the Fair is Public institution Sports and Cultural center Derventa. Members of the Association of women „Derventa“ have had the opportunity to exhibit and sell their handmades, to associate and make new acquaintances. On our invitation on the Fair were also women from WA Batkuša from Batkuša, WA Veliko srce from Modriča, WA Đurđevak from Liješće and in this way they have continued cooperation that has been made long time ago. Those mutual meetings our association will also keep in the future.

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On August 20th, 2014 members of the Association of women “Derventa” have organized a trip to Balkana and in returning they visited Banja Luka and Ukrinski lug.

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Association of women “Derventa” has collected and sent aid in clothing, hygiene, toys and books for flooded in Šamac. Over hundred titles of books are intended for library in Šamac and toys are for kindergarten.


Association of women „Derventa“ has participated in the Night of museums in Derventa with an exhibition of works created at the workshops of Decoupage technique.DSC06084 DSC06085 DSC06034 DSC06082


Jovanka Popović, Gordana Pijetlović and Kata Stupar, representatives of the Association of women „Derventa“, participated at the first event „Gastronomic meetings Modriča 2014“ on April 24th, 2014 organized by the Tourist organization of Municipality Modriča and Association of women „Big heart“ from Modriča.P1000558 P1000545

This was an opportunity to make some new contacts, exchange experiences and examples of good practices because there was a great number of women’s organizations participating at the event.P1000544P1000563

Women visited Andrićgrad

Association of women „Derventa“ organized one-day trip for women from
Municipality Derventa on Saturday, April 5th, 2014.



They visited Andrićgrad and Jahorina. They had an opportunity to see beauties of this stone town, to walk on bridge over the Drina river which flows beneath it and whose color and purity delighted women.


They were one of many tours that visited Višegrad on that day.
On the way back they visited Jahorina, walked and enjoyed the beauties of the
Olympic beauty.
Satisfied with this trip women are already thinking about a new destination and
their mutual socializing.




Association of women „Derventa“ held a regional meeting „Advancement of rural women’s position – examples of good practice“. DSC07539

The meeting was a final activity on which were presented results of the project „Economic empowerment of rural women“, which was conducted by the Association for the last year in cooperation with organization Goodwill and with financial support of Netherlands Embassy and Municipality Derventa.DSC07521DSC07518
The meeting was attended by women from Municipality Derventa, Brod, Srbac and Doboj, representatives of Gender center of RS Governemtn and exchanged experiences and examples of good practices in area of advancement of rural women’s position.DSC07507DSC07500

CAMPAIGN 25.11.2013 – 10.12.2013

Association of women „Derventa“ together with Gender Equality Committee and women from Municipality Srbac conducted campaign „NO to violence“. Campaign was organized in occasion of November 25 – International Day Against Domestic Violence, and within „16 Days of Women’s Activism in Fight Against Violence“.

DSC07454Women from Municipality Srbac as well as girls students from Grammar school from Srbac gladly answered to the call of the project team that is conducting this campaign within the UNDP project „Strengthening rural women“. In less than an hour, as the campaign lasted, women and girls enthusiastically shared commercial material to the citizens of Srbac and explained the importance of this activity on preventing domestic violence. A large number of men accepted this campaign and expressed willingness to actively participate in this activity.


Except for a street activity, commercial material was shared in institutions, shops, bars and high school.

DSC07450 Members of the project team gave the part of commercial material to the presidents of sections who conducted campaign in their villages.

Association of women „Derventa“ has joined to campaign „White ribbon“ – „Men against men’s violence on women and gilrs“ and campaign „Life without violence“ that Gender center – center for gender equality Republika Srpska togehter with NGOs, continually conduct in Republika Srpska in period from November 25 – International Day for Elimination Violence Against Women, until December 10 – International Day of Human Rights.


WA „Derventa“ is implementing project „Strengthening rural women“ in villages of Municipality Srbac: Sitneš, Razboj, Kobaš, Korovi and Srđevići. The project has been implementing within UNDP’s project „Strengthening local democracy III – LOD III“ financed by European Union from the means of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) in amount of EUR 2 million.


Assocaition of women „Derventa“, within the project „Women’s human rights – empowerment of women“ which is supported by the Ecumenical Women’s Initiative, has organized a regional meeting on March 13th, 2013 about the postion of women and state of gender equality in the region of Doboj. The meeting has been attended by the representatives of Gender center of Goverment RS, women’s sections in villages and Derventa, Association of citizens „Budućnost“ from Modriča, Association of women „Derventa“, „Đurđevak“ from Liješće, „Srce“ from Pridjel Gornji, „Plana“ Makljenovac Doboj, „Šamac“ from Šamac, OSCE – office in Doboj, Municipal committee for gender equality Municipality Derventa, Secretary and members of Municipal Assembly Derventa.



The aim of meeting was to exchange experiences about the state of women’s rights and examples of organizing women in local communities in the region of Doboj. A research on respecting the Law on gender equality in media was presented, conducted by the Association of women „Derventa“.The meeting was an opportunity for participants to gain significant information from the representatives of Gender center RS on possibilities of informing about legislation related to various aspects of gender equality.


They invited all participants to address them in situations of  breaking women’s human rights in their areas because they are in position to contact an appropriate authorities with existing mechanisms for the solution of problem.


Participants of the regional meeting have actively involved in discussion on women’s human rights in their areas to give a contribution to formulate conclusions.


Conclusions from the meeting were:
1. Networking women’s organizations in region and RS, especially women’s organizations in villages
2. To organize meetings once a year with an aim to exchange experiences on state of women’s human rights and examples of good practices in accomplishing gender equality
3. To become an obligation that 20% of means for support in agriculture in municipalities to allocate to women.



Association of women „Derventa“ has formed a few women’s section in villages and among them a Women’s section in Osinja. From the beginning  women have activatedto enable space in Center for culture in Osinja for which they got support and help of the Mayer. They organize humanitarian actions, regularly involve in the work of Association of women „Derventa“ and work on strengthening their capacity. In their work programme for this year they planned a series of activities and one of them was a celebration of March 8th – International Women’s Day.


Besides their regular jobs and duties, women have found some time to prepare a rich dish and a party that will remain in their memories.


December 4th, 2012 the representatives of the US Embassy in BiH visited our organization. Mr Steven Gillen, a political officer at the Embassy, in conversation with the project team of Women’s association, was informed on activities in implementation of the project „Prevention in struggle against trafficking in people“ which is supported bay the US Embassy in BiH and on other activities that our Association implement.


Within 16 Days of Women’s Activism in Struggle Against Violence at November 30, 2012, we held the workshop with female graduating students of high schools in Deventa on gender based violence and prevention of violence against women and girls.

At November 6th, 2012 we held the round table “Life without violence – woman’s human right” attended by the representatives of institutions in the local community: Basic Court, Medical Centre, schools, Serbian Orthodox Church, Social Care Centre, Police Station, “Derventski list”, Municipal Department for Economy and Social Activities and Association of women “Derventa”.

Participants gave their experiences in prevention of violence and protection of violence victims, and Mrs Mirjana Hrustić, judge of the Basic Court in Derventa, informed attendants on regulations of the new Law on violence. Conclusion of all attendants was to held the new round table in three months on which we will sum the results of the agreement on on mutual cooperation of institutions in order to suppress violence against women and all other forms of violence in the local community.
These activities are supported by the Municipality Assembly.

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

The members of the RING Network – BH network against human trafficking, have celebrated December 2nd, the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

The Association of women “Derventa”, one of the Network’s members, has celebrated this day with series activities: round table and campaign of commercial material titled “Stop abuse of children to beg“. Participants of the round table were unique in opinion that it is necessary to conduct actions against abuse of children to beg during the whole year, not only at December 2nd.

These activities are conducting within 16 Days of Women’s Activism in Struggle Against Violence.


At the initiative of the OSCE – office Doboj, civil society organizations in Derventa Women’s Association “Derventa” Bios Plus, Youth organization Derbent, NGO Sunce and IMIC Zajedno launched the project “Initiative for monitoring and advocacy”. The Initiative is that within six months actively monitor and evaluate the work of Parliament in matters of job creation for target groups: women, youth, disabled persons and returnees.

The initiative creators were led by the idea to draw the attention of decision makers and relevant institutions to the problems of unemployment in the municipality and in a joint cooperation to find opportunities for job creation.
The initiative has met the great understanding of government.

The institutional framework for such activities is the Cooperation agreement between the Municipality Derventa and civil society organizations and the Decision on the introduction of new mechanisms of communication between citizens and councilors of Municipal assembly Derventa which provides a supervision of the assembly by the NGO sector.

On the results of monitoring citizens are informed through the media and campaigns. New organizations have joined to the initiative for monitoring: GOODWILL and Ekologika.

This initiative is just a continuation of a series of activities initiated by the OSCE – Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to enable the partner organizations and institutions in local communities to more effectively advocate for activities which are of key interest in these communities.


Women’s Association “Derventa” together with the Municipal Commission for Gender Equality, under the patronage of the Mayor, organized gathering on occasion of March 8 at the Cultural Center 03/07/2012.

At the gathering participated all sections of rural women who prepared exhibition of handicrafts and agricultural products, they also participated in cultural and artistic part, and for the celebration they prepared snacks. The whole event was covered by television, TV Kanal 3, and an appropriate article was published in Derventski list.

This activity has contributed to the visibility of rural women as a result of the implementation of project activities in the project “Social and economic empowerment of rural women”, which was funded by the UNDP in Project LOD II.



Women’s Association “Derventa” in cooperation with the OSCE- Office in Doboj, organized regional meeting in hotel “Biser”, October 17, 2011, for representatives of the Gender Equality Commission, the municipal authorities and women’s associations from Prnjavor, Bosanski Brod, Modriča and Derventa.

The aim of the meeting was to meet each other, exchange experiences and present activities that WA “Derventa” conducts in the area of strengthening the role and activism of women in local communities.

Participants at the meeting pointed out that the problems in the function of the local community are alike, that the greater participation of women in activities in local communities depends on women themselves, on better informing as well as on raising women’s awareness of the need for greater involvement in social and public lives. It is also the opinion of the participants that it is necessary to create a legal framework that will guarantee women’s participation in the work of local community councils.

It was pointed out that Derventa prospered more than other communities in the region with the examples of good practice of local authorities and NGOs, and especially of WA “Derventa”.